Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cinderella Contest!

Official Rules: This contest is in no way affiliated with or supported by Facebook. Open to US Residents at least age 18. Your ball MUST be this year; your ball can NOT be on November 3 nor between October 21-29 as I will be unavailable during these dates. Prizes will be awarded this year. If Grand Prize Winner is unable to have their session this year, they forfeit all prizes. (1st Place Winner will then become Grand Prize Winner). Contest is a Fairy Tale Trivia Challenge. First person to answer correctly receives one point; spelling, grammar, and capitalization count. Whoever receives the most points at the end is the "Grand Prize Winner", second most is "First Prize Winner". In the event of a tie, there will be a bonus round of 5 questions. Whoever receives 3 points first becomes the winner. GRAND PRIZE: Cinderella Package from Ashley Rescott Photography (A one hour couple's session, a one hour session the night of your military ball. 15-20 edited images on disc from each sessions). Professional Hair & Make up by Shannon Sines the night of your second session. Key fob from Made With Love Nametape Bracelets. Hanger from The Haute Hanger with the words "Semper Fi Love" 25% Off Coupon to Del Decorps Alterations and Handmade Purses. FIRST PRIZE: A mini session by Ashley Rescott Photography (30 minute session with 7 edited images on disc).

Friday, April 13, 2012

K Homecoming!

A really good friend of mine came to me, asking me to be there when her husband came home from a year long tour in Afghanistan. I jumped at the chance; homecomings are always full of happiness! Michelle didn't tell her kids until an hour and a half before heading out the door that Daddy was coming home, and boy, were they full of excitement! The weather was beautiful: not too hot, light breeze and sunny! We weren't there long when the seven tons arrived with their gear. I could see that is when it became real to all of them, Mikey couldn't tear his eyes away from the Marines and Sailors unloading the bags.  Not much later, we heard the buses coming up! It wasn't long before Dave was in their arms again, the Kucirka family now together again. 

Welcome home, 1st Lieutenant Kucirka!